VoiceThread Docs / Troubleshooting / Website not loading

If VoiceThread’s service is not loading at all, please run through the troubleshooting tips below.

Check your internet connection

If your internet connect has dropped, VoiceThread content will not be able to load at all. Check to make sure your computer or device is still connected and that any other websites you might visit regularly still work.

Run updates

VoiceThread requires your web browser to be no more than 2 versions older than whatever is currently available. Please check the browser requirements for more information. Make sure you’ve run any browser updates available for the best experience.

Restart your computer

A simple computer restart can fix any permissions conflicts or temporary problems a computer might be experiencing.

Check VoiceThread’s status page

VoiceThread has a 99.9% uptime record, but sometimes things do go wrong. If there is a known disruption to our service, we will post it on our status page. You can follow our progress and resolution there.

Contact us

If you are still having trouble despite trying all of these steps, please contact us. If possible, please include a screenshot of any error or problem you are encountering.

A copy of VoiceThread’s Incident Response Plan is available upon request.