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VoiceThread’s Google Apps integration allows teachers and students to access the upgraded, secure accounts that are included in your VoiceThread license without needing to sign into any service other than Google. The Google Suite Integration is included in the District, School, Site, and Active User Licenses.

See Google Apps integration in action!


How to use it

Users will sign into their Google accounts and click on the VoiceThread App. The App will be found under the app launcher icon, in the “Marketplace Apps” section. This will give users instant access to VoiceThread without needing to register or remember a separate username and password.

Technical details and setup

Your Google administrator will need to perform four actions in order to enable the VoiceThread integration:

Import the VoiceThread App:

  1. Navigate to the administrator console in Google.
  2. Click on the “Apps” section.
  3. Click “Marketplace Apps”.
  4. Click on the “Add” button in the top-right corner of the page. This will open the Marketplace.
  5. Search for “VoiceThread”.
  6. Click “Install App”.

Enable API access in Google:

  1. Navigate to the administrator console in Google.
  2. Click “Security”.
  3. Click “API reference”.
  4. Check the box to “Enable API access”.

Verify that VoiceThread was granted the correct permissions:

  1. Navigate to the administrator console in Google.
  2. Click “Marketplace Apps”.
  3. Click on the new VoiceThread App.
  4. Click “Data access”.
  5. If data access was not granted when you imported the app, grant it here.

Contact VoiceThread to make the connection

A member of our Integration Team will work with you to gather the information we need and configure your license to connect to your Google domain.

Required information:

  • Your Google primary domain and any subdomains that contain your teachers and students. If you are unsure of what this is, please see Google’s support page.
  • The email address of a super admin account for your Google domain. This email address must remain an administrator indefinitely. If that address ever loses administrative access, please contact us to provide another address.

Recommended information:

  • The email address associated with a group that contains only your teachers/faculty/staff. Membership in this group (or groups) is used to differentiate teachers and students. This address is never used to contact your teachers.
  • The email addresses associated with groups that contain users sorted by graduation year. VoiceThread can use membership in a specific group to assign a graduation year to your students’ accounts. This helps with sorting your users by grade level once they have VoiceThread accounts. This address is never used to contact your students.